Europe Prayer

Europe Prayer Mission is a South Korean missionary organisation that is passionate about seeing revival and the fire of the Holy Spirit come to Europe. We believe in the power of prayer and God's faithfulness to answer and so we run two missions in Europe, "Prayer Mission" and "Korean School of Prayer", both in the hope of gathering God's people from all over Europe, as one united body, to kneel before God in prayer.

In the past, God has used the Church in Europe in magnificent ways. Through Europe, God has collected and His word into the Bible, sent missionaries to share the gospel in the furthest corners of the world and ultimately laid down the foundations of a global Church.


We beleive God has great plans for His Church in Europe. Plans to once again use His Church as a great tool to spread the Gospel around the world and to bring His kingdom and glory. We believe this starts with the rekindling of the fire in the heart of His Church and bring revival to His church, through prayer alone.


We thank God for all he has done through the Church in Europe and we feel greatly indebted to the many missionaries who came to Korea with, fearless courage and shed precious Blood, in order to share the Gospel with our ancestors. This gives us a deep sense of thankfulness and responsibility to pray and support Christians in Europe as they reach out to their local communities.


As an act of obedience, motivated by our thankfulness and love, we annually bring hundreds of Christians from South Korea to Europe, to pray alongside our brothers and sisters that God would restore and revive His Church. We do this through two main events , "Prayer Mission" and "Korean School of Prayer".

Prayer Mission

Prayer Mission is an annual prayer event where hundreds of South Korean missionaries travel, from South Korea to Europe in order to pray and serve alongside their brothers and sisters, who live locally, that God's Kingdom come and His will be done.

What is Prayer Mission?

Prayer Mission is an annual prayer event that currently operates in both the UK and France. Each year Europe Prayer Mission brings hundreds of Korean Prayer missionaries from South Korea to pray and serve the local church. The missionaries are split into small teams and are then sent to host churches all over that country. There they will spend just under 2 weeks in their host church and local community praying, along side there local brothers and sisters for the Church and the area.

Getting involved

The teams of missionaries are encouraged to get as involved as possible with the activities and church life of the host church they are staying at. This usually includes mid-week church groups, serving at food banks and helping run out in the main Sunday services. Also, with their host church, they will meet up with local christian charities and churches to evanglaglies and pray and on the streets as well as going into local schools and youth groups to share the good news of Jesus Christ and their passion for prayer

Prayer Mission UK

Korean Prayer missionaries praying at Prayer Mission

Approximately 110 Korean Christians will be hosted by local 9 churches all over England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, with the primary purpose of praying for the church(es), community, town or city for the entire duration of their visit.

Prayer Mission France

Prayer Mission UK

Approximately 180 Korean Christians will be hosted by local 16 churches all over France, with the primary purpose of praying for the church(es), community, town or city for the entire duration of their visit.

Upcoming Events

Prayer Mission Uk

24th June - 5th July - United Kingdom

Prayer Mission UK Celebration

1st July - London

    Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for God to raise up more Churches and Christians in Korea
  • Pray for wisdom in selecting hosting teams
  • Pray for good relationships and communication between the Korean teams and the hosting churches
  • Pray for safety as people move around the country
  • Pray for the general running of the event

Korean School
of Prayer

Korean School of Prayer is a two-day teaching and prayer event that aims to equip and encourage Church leaders in the area of prayer. The teachings are all based around the power of prayer and how leaders can bring about more prayer in thier church.

What is Korean School of Prayer?

Korean School of Prayer is a World Prayer School initiative that operates under Europe Prayer Mission in Europe. The Prayer School gathers leaders together in order and consists of two days of teachings around the subject of prayer alone followed by the leaders praying for each other in response 'Korean style'. The teachings were written by Pastor of KwangMyung Church and Director of World Prayer School, Dr Namsoo Choi and so far he has also attended and taught at all the events. The Korean School of prayer first ran in Wigan, UK and the second ran in Novi Sad, Serbia. The next Korean School of prayer will be in Glasgow next year.

A pastor from Greece praying at the Korean School of Prayer in Serbia
Rev Dr Namsoo Choi teaching at the Korean School of Prayer

Upcoming Events

No upcoming events

    Prayer Requests

  • Pray that God would provide all that is needed in order to initaite more Korean Schools of Prayer
  • Prayer for church leaders in Europe
  • Pray for wisdom for Rev. Namjin and the Europe Prayer Mission Team
  • Pray for the general running of the event