About Us

World Prayer School (Europe) is a Korean missionary organisation based in London, UK. Originally World Prayer School (Europe) only operated in the UK, praying for the revival of the British Church. But as time went by we felt God push us to expand and operate in the whole of Europe, starting with this years Korean School of prayer in Serbia (April) and the upcoming Prayer Mission in France (October).

We believe everything we do is in response and obedience to the Holy Spirits leading and we try and keep World Prayer School (Europe) as flexible as possible in order to allow the Holy Spirit to have his way among us and not ours.

In the past, God has used the Church in Europe in magnificent ways. Through Europe, God has collected and His word into the Bible, sent missionaries to share the gospel in the furthest corners of the world and ultimately laid down the foundations of a global Church.

We are based in Tadworth, Surrey and hold a service in Merland Rise Church, Tadworth on Sundays between 7pm and 9pm.


We beleive God has great plans for His Church in Europe. Plans to once again use His Church as a great tool to spread the Gospel around the world and to bring His kingdom and glory. We believe this starts with the rekindling of the fire in the heart of His Church and bring revival to His church, through prayer alone.


We thank God for all he has done through the Church in Europe and we feel greatly indebted to the many missionaries who came to Korea with, fearless courage and shed precious Blood, in order to share the Gospel with our ancestors. This gives us a deep sense of thankfulness and responsibility to pray and support Christians in Europe.


As an act of obedience, motivated by our thankfulness and love, we annually bring hundreds of Christians from South Korea to Europe, to pray alongside our brothers and sisters that God would restore and revive His Church. We do this through two main events , "Prayer Mission" and "The Korean School of Prayer".

Our Team

Ki Moon Kwon

Chief Administrator

Moon is an ex-chiropractor, Matt's personal Korean Teacher and a proud father of one young boy. Moon believes that this is God's mission and therefore will be completed in God's way. That's why Moon is fully committed to this mission, where ever it takes him. One day, Moon wants to see all the leaders of the Churches in Europe praying and worshipping together as one body. That is what Moon is passionately praying for and what God has burdened his heart with.

Matthew Norman

Communications Co-ordinator

Matt is probably the tallest person you will ever meet. When he isn't towering over people at World Prayer School (Europe), you can usually find him playing his bass guitar or studying Korean and Japanese. Matt aspires to be missionary/ordained minister and plans to study theology in the near future. But for now, he is fully committed to giving his all to see God's kingdom come and God's will be done, here in Europe.

Gum Soon Baek

Teams Co-ordinator

Having studied Moorland Bible college as well as Spurgeon, Gum Soon is currently working as a trainee at East Sheen Baptist Church. Gum Soon and her husband, Jisu have been married nearly two years now and their vision/goal for the kingdom of God is to help local Churches grow healthily. To Gum Soon, being able to serve World Prayer School (Europe), as a part of the team, has always been a great privilege.

Rev. Namjin Kim


Being an ordained minister, missionary, and father of a daughter and twin boys, Rev. Kim Namjin is a committed man. Namjin enjoys mountain biking and jogging, which also helps keep him in tip-top condition and on top of his busy life. Himself and his wife Sungeun are known for their cross-cultural experience, as they've pastored and ministered people in S. Korea, the USA and the UK.

Our Journey


The vision

God gave a vision to the Korean Chruch whilst they where praying for the UK. They saw a pile of ashes completely burnt out and cold. This sense of hopelessness troubled the Korean Chruch untill God told them to blow on the ashes. When they did so a faint amber glow of embers hidden deep in the ashes brought about hope of revival. The Church felt God was calling them to kindle the embers and feed the fire so God can fan the flames of revival and reignite the British Church into a blazing fire.


Prayer Mission preperation begins

Rev. Namjin Kim is given the task start organising Prayer mission UK and from the 7th untill the 15th of June 2010, 6 Churches in South Wales hosted 30 Korean missionaries in the first ever Prayer Mission.


2nd Prayer Mission UK

From the 11th untill the the 19th of September 2013, 250 Korean missionaries stayed in churches in 12 towns and cities all over the UK for the 2nd Prayer Mission UK.


3rd Prayer Mission UK

Between the 10th and the 19th of September 2014, 400 Korean missionaries came and prayed in 30 locations all over the UK. CTS (Chrisitain Televivion Station) filed and broadcasted what was the biggest Prayer Mission to date.


4th Prayer Mission UK

From the 22nd of June untill the 2nd of July 2015, 350 Korean missionaries came to the UK and prayed in 30 host churches all over the UK. During the mission they were visited and encouraged by the Archbishop of Canterbury and again the event was filmed and broadcasted by CTS (Chrisitain Televivion Station).


5th Prayer Mission UK

Between the 28th of June and the 7th of July 2016, 150 Korean missionaries prayed in 15 locations in the UK. The mission featured on the BBC's sings of praise TV show.


6th Prayer Mission UK

The 6th Prayer Mission UK took place between the 26th of June and the 6th of July 2017. 250 Korean missionaries prayered in 20 host churches. GoodTV (Korean Chrisitain broadcast) filmed the mission.


Prayer Mission expands

In 2018 Prayer Mission officaly changes its name to World Prayer School (Europe) and begins to prapare for the first ever Prayer Mission France and the 7th Prayer Mission UK. In addition to this World Prayer School (Europe) begins to run The Korean School of Prayer in Europe. The first being held in Wigan, UK (March 2018) and the Second held in Novi Sad, Serbia (April 2018).