Prayer Mission

Prayer Mission UK

Prayer Mission UK is an annual prayer event where hundreds of South Korean missionaries travel, from South Korea to the UK in order to pray alongside their British brothers and sisters, for the revival of the Church in the UK.

Approximately 110 Korean Christians will be hosted by 9 churches all over England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales.

Why the United Kingom?

Over 150 years ago the God sent many British missionaries to Korea. We thank God for these many British Christians who committed their lives to preaching the good news in Korea. We, therefore, regard the UK Church as our mother church, which gives us a deep sense of thankfulness and responsibility to pray and support British Christians.

We also believe that God is bringing revival to the British church in order to restore it to being a great missionary church once again.

What the missionaries do?

The prayer missionaries will mainly be praying while at thier host church.
They will pray many hours of the day and often through the night for the revival of the national church and they will also be praying for the local church and area. The missionaries will also server alongside the church and get involved in day-to-day church life with the church members. The Pastors and leaders of the church often take the missionaries to local community places and events such as schools and parks as apart of the church churches outreach to the local community. At the end of the mission, all the missionaries and hosts gather in London for an evening of celebration and worship before going back to Korea.

Upcoming Events

There are currently no events

    Prayer Requests

  • Prayer for God to raise up more Churches and Christians in Korea
  • Pray for wisdom in selecting hosting teams
  • Pray for good relationships and communication between the Korean teams and the hosting churches
  • Pray for safety as people move around the country
  • Pray for the general running of the event
Korean Prayer missionaries along side the host church members two Korean Prayer missionaries at the Prayer Mission UK celebration evening Prayer at the Prayer Mission UK celerbration evening
Memebers of one of the Korean Prayer teams at a Prayer Mission host Church Rev. Namjin and Rev. Niel Cook on stage at the Prayer Mission event The Korean Prayer Missionaries and host church leaders worshiping together at Prayer Mission UK
Korean Prayer Missionaries and British Christians holding hands in prayer Two Korean Prayer Missionaries drinking Tea British host church leaders standing together in prayer
A dance group from Korea danceing Worship band at Prayer Mission UK A Prayer Mission Team and Host Church


Danny Stupple

Chair of Churches Together in Eastleigh (CTiE)

"Having now had a South Korean Prayer Mission Team for 3 years in Eastleigh we can see that the Lord has built His Church around the increase in intercession we have seen, both in unity and some of the fellowships across the town and region. We consider the fruit in united prayer together is directly attributable to the impetus the Team have injected to the passion of united prevailing prayer."

Joe Pienaar

Vicar of St.Hugh's & Area Dean of Luton

"I think the main thing to come from the prayer mission was that the team laid down the baton to Luton for us to continue praying. Our church started Altar prayer the following day which has run every night for an hour plus except Saturdays. This was a complete move of the spirit among the people which required little co-ordination or rallying – a real movement born from the Spirit! Praise the Lord!"

Joan & Evelyn

Falkirk Baptist Church

"Through their ministry, we have been challenged, strengthened and encouraged. The enthusiasm, love and joy of the team and their total confidence in the power of prayer was inspiring. We loved the Korean way of praying! The pulpit sacrifice prayers were very moving and God's presence was tangibly felt as heartfelt prayers poured out."