Prayer Mission

Prayer Mission France

This will be the first ever Prayer Mission France, where hundreds of South Korean missionaries travel, from South Korea to Churches all over France in order to pray alongside their French brothers and sisters, for God's Kingdom to come and God's will to be done.

Approximately 180 Korean Christians will be hosted by 16 churches all over France.

Why the France?

We thank God for raising up great men and women of faith in France who courageously stood up for the gospel of Jesus Christ, risking even their lives. Though there is not much connection between South Korea and France in terms of mission, one thing that Korean church never dismisses is the French reformer John Calvin whose influence has been one of the major impacts on the Korean church. And we are also grateful to God for the early French Protestants, Huguenots, who were inspired by the teaching and preaching of John Calvin. As we deeply appreciate their boldness and courage with strong faith in the truth, we greatly feel indebted to the French church because of what God has done in the past. We are seriously concerned about the spiritual state of France today and we long to see God empowering His church and raising up a new generation of Christians with the passion for Christ and the Gospel. We also believe that God has given a specific mission to France for the Kingdom of God, which is yet to be accomplished.

What the missionaries do?

The prayer missionaries will mainly be praying while at thier host church.
They will pray many hours of the day and most likely through the night for the French Church and they will also be praying for the local church and area. The missionaries will also server alongside the church and get involved in day-to-day church life with the church members. At the end of the mission, all the missionaries and hosts gather in Paris for an evening of celebration and worship before going back to Korea.

Upcoming Events

Prayer Mission France

23rd-31st October - France

Prayer Mission France Celebration

29th October - Paris

    Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the building up of good relationships with the French church leaders
  • Pray that God would give Namjin Strength and wisdom as as he travels back and forth between two countries
  • Pray for wisdom in selecting hosting teams
  • Pray for good relationships and communication between the Korean teams and the hosting churches
  • Pray for safety as people move around the country
  • Pray for the general running of the event